Shady Backyard Oasis 

This client contacted us an all too common intown Atlanta landscaping request: transform my overgrown, shady backyard into a garden oasis for people and pets. The design and installation focused on creating a strong framework using hardscaping and evergreen trees and shrubs filled in with lush perennial plantings. We installed a semi-circular patio set back into the planting bed just off the lawn using large grey flagstone slab and lined the garden beds with grey flagstone cobbles. The lawn area was strategically sited in the area with least shade cover and seeded with a shade and dog friendly micro-clover and fescue blend. Lush shade plantings included little gem magnolia, fatsia, edgeworthia, autumn fern, giant leopard plant, variegated Solomon's seal, betony, purple coneflower, and huechera among others. All plants were verified to be pet safe before installation!